PowerShell FSDNUG Presentation with Slides and Notes

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PowerShell FSDNUG Presentation with Slides and Notes


Tonight, I presented on PowerShell to the Fort Smith .NET User Group. It was my first presentation/speech since college! Fortunately, it seems to have gone over well and I think I helped drive some interest in PowerShell. Here are my slides and other relevant links for any of those who attended.

Many thanks to Chris Green for allowing me to use some of the content from the presentation that he shared at Tech Ed 2007 Australia. Thanks also to Ben Pearce for his great PowerShell cheat sheet. Final thanks to Michael Paladino for helping me with a run-through of my presentation ahead of time.

I’ve zipped up my PowerPoint presentation along with my demo.txt (to go along with the Start-Demo script), the source for my PipelineDemo program, and my custom ps1xml file. You can get the zip with the presentation contents here. The PowerPoint presentation has a lot of relevant links that I didn’t explicitly post here.

I hope everyone enjoyed the talk! I enjoyed giving it!

Let me know if you have any comments on ways that I could improve.