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David Mohundro

Software Architect
Clear Function

My name is David, but a lot of people call me Mo. It comes from my last name… Mohundro. You get it, right?

I’m a software developer/artisan/craftsman/engineer/architect working at Clear Function in the Memphis, TN area. I mostly write in either C# or JavaScript/TypeScript but I try to work with a wide variety of languages and technologies. I’m a big fan of Swift, Ruby and PowerShell, too. I use Vim (or at least something with good Vim keybindings) for all of my code editing needs. I use both Windows and macOS quite a bit and enjoy dabbling in Linux occasionally. I like technology. Use what works for you!

I’m an occasional speaker. I’ve presented quite a few presentations on PowerShell to .NET User Groups in the area as well as topics such as JavaScript. I’ve also presented on Swift and .NET multithreading.

I’m a Christian, a husband, and a father. I’ve got three daughters and one son, three by birth and one by adoption. I like video games, movies, books, and music. I also enjoy traveling.