David Mohundro is a developer, architect, continuous learner, dad, husband and more.

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    So, CodeStock 2022 happened earlier this month. It was the first conference I've been able to attend in person since DevUp in 2019. In addition, it was the first time some of my coworkers had been able to meet in person since having been hired on during COVID.
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    RSS - Really Simple Syndication. It's been a staple of my learning since the early 2000s, even before Google Reader. I was an early user of RSS Bandit before I moved to Google Reader. After Google Reader was shut down, I moved to Feedly and then, recently, to Newsblur. For most of the last 10 years, I've been a user of Reeder. I love RSS.
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    A few months back, I began having some wrist pain at work. I suspect that many who work on a keyboard for the majority of their day struggle with wrist pain of some kind. That said, I was a little surprised because I had been using an ergonomic keyboard. In fact, I've been on an ergonomic keyboard for at least 15 years. I hadn't yet tried a mechanical keyboard, though, so I figured it was time to try one out. But first, I want to share the keyboards I've used.
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