Introducing Daila Joy!

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Introducing Daila Joy!


The Mohundro family has some big news… our first child was just born a couple of weeks ago! Both mother and daughter are doing great!

The past couple of weeks have just been a series of events to help us “learn how to be parents.” We read quite a few books during the pregnancy (particularly my wife), but nothing can really prepare you for when the baby gets here. (don’t get me wrong, definitely try to prepare and learn, though - we’re more prepared than we would’ve been!)

Here’s a photo that I took of her a few days ago:

Daila Joy

Highlights thus far:

  • Experiencing my first “is that poop or chocolate” moment (it was chocolate)
  • Learning how to dress a baby whose arms and legs DO NOT STOP MOVING
  • Holding my daughter for the first time
  • Having her turn to my voice within minutes of being born!