2023 Year in Books

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2023 Year in Books


I discovered “my year in books” a few weeks back and found it pretty interesting. The idea is that you plug in your Goodreads profile link and it will generate a nice view of the various books you’ve read over the past year.

My list is here: “David Mohundro’s year in books”

Back in 2022, I got on a Stephen King kick… I had read The Shining and enjoyed it quite a bit, so I then moved on to The Stand and Doctor Sleep. After that, I was hooked. That lead to the Dark Tower series, which I wrapped up last year.

Outside of that, I had started the Expanse series a while back and got back into it. I almost finished Persepolis Rising, but I didn’t finish it prior to the end of the year.

My reading really goes in spurts - some years, I’ll get in a slump, but then other years, I’ll have the next five books lined up. I’m weird about just picking up books I’m not familiar with… I tend to stick to authors I know and like. Outside of that, I’ll jump on recommendations from people I know or respect.

Below is the “my year in books” graphic:

David Mohundro's year in books