Applied PowerShell Presentation

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Applied PowerShell Presentation


I’ve begun presenting again with some frequency. My topic of choice, unsurprisingly, is PowerShell. I had presented on PowerShell quite a bit back in 2009, but since then I had taken a break. Now that everyone in the area has had sufficient time to forget my earlier presentations, I can just recycle my earlier talks and give them again!

Seriously, though, my earlier talks about PowerShell weren’t particularly practical. Instead of showing you how you could use PowerShell, I mostly showed how cool I thought it was. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot that I could show from work that proved it as a successful technology.

Today, however, we’re using PowerShell in production with a great deal of success. We’re using it to build our codebase (with Psake), our deployment script is written in PowerShell, we provision our web servers with PowerShell (via Chef), etc. I have a great deal of things that I can now point to where our usage of PowerShell has greatly helped my team.

In short, our experiences are proving that PowerShell is most definitely a technology that can be used with great success. We’re using it to more fully adopt continuous delivery.

In light of all of this, my latest presentation on PowerShell is entitled “Applied PowerShell.” Just last night, I spoke at the Northeast Arkansas DNUG. In a few weeks, I’ll be presenting it at the Fort Smith DNUG and then later at the Northwest Arkansas DNUG. The best part of the talk is actually getting to show our usage in production. Real world usage trumps demos any day!

If you’re interested in checking out my slides, I’ve got them up on GitHub.