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NHibernate Unit Testing... with Fluent NHibernate!


I've been attempting to learn NHibernate lately. One of the big draws for me was the ability to write unit tests that did hit a database, but an in-memory one. Ayende recently posted on how to use SQLite to get in-memory unit tests. His example assumed standard hbm mappings and configuration.

I was curious how hard it would be port his example over to Fluent NHibernate. Not surprisingly, it was quite easy actually!

Here's the Blog entity I used, which is based on the usage I saw from Ayende's post:

And here is the mapping:

As you can see, it is pretty straight forward so far. The next piece of code is the Fluent NHibernate implementation of Ayende's InMemoryDatabaseTest.

There aren't too many differences really. We're using the same SchemaExport, but we do need to call ExposeConfiguration so that we can store off a reference to the Configuration to be used by the SchemaExport instance.

The final piece, the actual test itself, is identical to Ayende's example, except that I'm using MbUnit instead of xUnit:

Nice and easy! I like it!

As you can also tell, I'm experimenting with using github's gist feature. I've been using github to store off my dot files and other environment-related settings as well as my presentations, but the gist feature seems pretty nice.