SQL Server 2008 Launch Event... Locally!

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SQL Server 2008 Launch Event... Locally!


Tonight, the FSDNUG group participated in their first launch event ever - for SQL Server 2008! Woo!

The gist of it was that 4 of us took about 15 to 20 minutes to talk about different portions of SQL Server. It turned out to be more intro than deep dives, but I think the group got more out of the presentation this way.

My portion of the presentation was on SQL CLR.

I think my talk went alright, but my demo definitely didn’t work. I blamed the Windows 7 beta but it probably had more to do with my lack of knowledge. *shrug* If you’re interested in trying the example out for yourself, Bashar Kokash has a good post on it. The example worked fine on my machine without any problems the first time, but during the talk, the Visual Studio deployment apparently didn’t work. Oh well.

The other code examples that I had all are linked off of the MSDN overview of SQL CLR link from above, so knock yourself out. Keith Elder’s post on creating custom SQL CLR user-defined types is also a good start.

The final two links I used were this one from SQL Skills and this one… that provided most of my information :-) Thanks Google!

I enjoyed the chance to present again! If you have any feedback, feel free to let me know.