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Neat LINQ statement to move newer files from the network


Thought I'd share the below LINQ statement I wrote recently:

var filesToBeMoved =
    from networkFile in network
    join localFile in local
        on networkFile.Name equals localFile.Name into localToNetwork
    from localMatchesNetwork in localToNetwork.DefaultIfEmpty()
    // Handle files that are on the network but don't exist locally
    where localMatchesNetwork == null
          // Handle files that are newer on the network that they are locally
          || (localMatchesNetwork.LastWriteTime < networkFile.LastWriteTime)
    select networkFile;

foreach (var file in filesToBeMoved)

In this case, the files that are being returned are actually IFileProvider instances, which are basically wrappers around the System.IO.File instances for testability.

Oh, and this post is an excuse to see if I set SyntaxHighlighter up correctly :-)