Say what?!? I'm speaking again? Memphis here I come!

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Say what?!? I'm speaking again? Memphis here I come!


Colin is risking it I say. How is he risking it you might ask? By asking me to speak to the Memphis .NET User Group!

I think he’s crazy, but whatever.

Randy Walker and I will be traveling to Memphis, TN tomorrow night where I’ll be presenting on PowerShell. Randy is coming out to meet with the founding members of the Northeast Arkansas .NET User Group, which is very cool. Regarding my presentation, it will likely be a similar presentation to what I gave to the FSDNUG group, but I’m hoping to have more script examples. I think I gave the Fort Smith group a good picture of PowerShell, but I don’t think I showed them nearly as many practical uses of PowerShell as I would have liked. I’ve got a folder of scripts now, some that I’ve written for myself and a few that we’re using at work, that I’ll be showing and walking through during the presentation.

If you’re in the area, come on out!