Going to Tech Ed 2008? Meet me there!

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Going to Tech Ed 2008? Meet me there!


I’ve been meaning to get a local version of my blog running so that I could test changes and tweaks to my theme and I finally found some time yesterday to do that. Can you tell the difference? Basically, I added the social networking links on the right as well as the Tech Ed 2008 badge.

Tech Ed 2008 - Meet Me There

This will be my first time to go to Tech Ed, so I’m excited. I’ve only been to one other conference and that was devLink last year (which was awesome - I still need to register for this year!). There will be 3 other guys from my company going and I know that Randy Walker and I think Jay Smith will be as well. Anyone else out there going? Let me know in the comments! Also, anyone planning to attend Party with Palermo? I haven’t registered yet, but I’m thinking about it.

Speaking of conferences, the Northwest Arkansas area is planning a technology summit. I’ve missed out on the discussions about it so far but I’m hoping to make the next meeting to talk about it. We’ll make sure information gets out regarding the specifics so that everyone can participate.