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Joel was right, browser commenters have no idea what they're talking about


If you haven't already read Joel's commentary on the current situation with browsers, specifically the Internet Explorer 8 beta, you should check it out1. As always, read the opposing viewpoint as well. I would say that some of the comments to that post might provide more value than the sarcasm in the post, specifically this comment from Mark himself.

But you know, I'm not really posting to talk about the problems with browser compliance, web standards, or anything like that. I'm talking more about how commenters really have no clue what they're talking about. From Joel's post, "99% of the participants in the flame wars are not going to understand what they're talking about."

The most recent post on the IEBlog revolved around how the WebBrowser control will render sites. One of the first comments is a complaint about naming regarding the WebBrowser control. The thing is, that is what it is named! Just try a Google search on the topic!

I guess this is exactly what Joel was talking about when he questioned the value of comments on sites that have enough traffic. Good thing my site doesn't get that much traffic :-) Comments to my posts (when they come) are still quite welcome!

1 While you're there, read the rest of his posts. And subscribe to his blog. Why aren't you already?