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Vista lets you use forward slash at the command prompt!


I was just setting at a command prompt in Vista on my laptop and I typed cd / out of habit and, to my surprise, it worked! Not only that, but tab completion still behaved as expected!

I actually have been using the '/' character in PowerShell because it is easier to type than '' (not as far to reach) and it is the default in *NIX systems as well (i.e. my Ubuntu installation).

Now granted, I probably shouldn't get used to this in the event that I inadvertently code a '/' character in one of my programs, but then again, I should technically be using the System.IO.Path.PathSeparator anyway.

I get excited about the little things.

NOTE - this might be the result of Service Pack 1 on Vista also...

UPDATE - I lied. You can type cd / and get to the root, but tab completion still completes only for the current directory. In other words, if you're current directory is c:\windows\ and you type cd /[tab], you'll get directories that are in c:\windows. Sorry. My excitement just dropped a little.