My first .NET User Group meeting and FSDNUG

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My first .NET User Group meeting and FSDNUG


Last week, a small group of us traveled up to hear Jean-Paul Boodhoo present to the Northwest Arkansas .NET User Group. JP presented on advanced uses of generics in .NET (i.e. more than just strongly typed collections) though we also had a great look at Test Driven Development as well as some of the new features in C# 3.0.

The presentation was great and it got me really excited about user groups in general, which is why I’m also excited to announce that Fort Smith will be getting its own user group! Many thanks to Michael Paladino for doing a lot of the work in getting this started. FSDNUG went live last week. I’m hoping to add a feed to the site at some point so that news can easily be pushed out without continually checking the site, but for now, it is just static HTML.

Raymond Lewallen will be kicking off the group with a presentation on Behavior Driven Development. I’ve read about BDD and am attempting to practice TDD, so I’m excited to hear Raymond’s talk. If you live in the area, be sure to come out for the meeting!