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My attempt at converting the VIM Wombat theme to support Visual Studio


I absolutely love trying out different Visual Studio color schemes. I've used John Lam's port of Vibrant for a while as well as some of Tomas Restrepo's VS themes and they're all great. After watching this VIM screencast from the Eleutian guys, I decided to give VIM another try. I'm not able to fly with it yet, but I am picking it up a lot better.

One of the things that I absolutely love about VIM as well as E-TextEditor is how it comes preloaded with some great color schemes. Not only that, but both editors are ridiculously easy to pull down new schemes from the internet. I've never really cared for editing the colors in Visual Studio, but I decided that I had to try to port Wombat over to Visual Studio. It is the theme that Aaron is using in the video and it looks great.

Here is what it looks like in VIM:

Wombat in VIM

Here is what my port looks like:

Wombat in VS

As you can tell, some of the colors don't exactly match up; however, I think it keeps the overall feel and I like it. Try it out and let me know what you think. If you'd like to make some improvements, make them and then send me a copy!

Check out this repo that contains the Visual Studio Wombat themes for VS2005 and VS2008..