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ZoomIt - Great for presentations as well as when your eyes are dilated!


This morning, I had my annual eye appointment and I completely forgot that they might dilate my eyes. Of course, my appointment was also scheduled first thing in the morning - essentially before work. Now, I'm sitting in front of my computer and literally everything is completely blurry. I can't read anything on the screen. It doesn't matter if I get close to the screen or far away, it is all blurry.

Enter ZoomIt! I initially heard about this tool from Scott Hanselman. It is another wonderful tool from Sysinternals (i.e. the guys that make Process Explorer, Process Monitor, etc.) so you know it is pure gold. The tool's primary use is to aide in presentations, so that you can easily zoom in to a portion of the screen so that people can see it better.

Today, I'm using it to just help me read the screen at all. I'm basically touch typing and periodically checking what I've written by zooming in to see if everything looks good. It is actually working pretty well, too.

Thankfully, the blurriness isn't lasting too long. As I'm writing this post, it has already cleared up considerably. Still, ZoomIt has come to the rescue for me this morning.