Whatever happened with Share Your OPML???

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Whatever happened with Share Your OPML???


I was digging around my old posts and bookmarks and stumbled across my post on the Share Your OPML website from over a year ago. Whatever happened with that site? It quite literally hasn’t changed since the service started as far as I can tell. I really like the idea and I wouldn’t mind at all if the site added a few services or something. I went ahead and updated my OPML (which has literally doubled) and you can check it out here. If you’ve got an account with them, go ahead and update your list and then comment with a link to it.

Off-topic, but I wish that Google Reader would start adding some more features. I figure it would be easy to provide a way to subscribe to another users’ shared OPML list (as opposed to just items that they mark as shared). Maybe no one else wants that feature, but I think it’d be cool. I already subscribe to a few del.icio.us bookmark feeds and shared feed items. Why not provide a feed that lets me know when someone adds a new feed to their list?


One small thing to add - Matt brought up the point that there isn’t an easy way to get an external link to your own shared OPML list. I’ve only found two ways to do this so far: 1) Use the “Who Subscribes To…” feature and look for a feed you subscribe to. 2) Google your name and optionally specify the site (site:share.opml.org).