Life in a cubicle

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Life in a cubicle


I’ve already shared with you about how cubicles really can be annoying when you sit next to the loudest two individuals in the world.

Now, I’d like to point you to a video that Long Zheng posted (from istartedsomething) from when Conan O’Brien visited Intel headquarters.

Here are some similarities between Intel and where I work:

  1. Cubicles really are like parking garages, except that you have assigned spots.
  2. Cubicles really don’t have much color or individuality (I do have a National Geographic map on my cubicle wall, though - yay!).
  3. People really are picky about their chairs. Seriously picky.

Here are some differences between Intel and where I work:

  1. No cafeteria.
  2. No “ultra-clean” factory.
  3. Hairnets only come into play on Halloween.
  4. I haven’t ever seen kids on a field trip, though we do have kids come around our cubes to sell cookies sometimes (and on Halloween).

One other thing - I think I’ve met Bill Lumbergh’s clone in our cubicle farm. I’m guessing any and all work environments that make use of cubes have their Bill Lumberghs.