Reminder: Check your cables before buying more cables...

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Reminder: Check your cables before buying more cables...


I’m sure I’m the only one that has ever messed up like this, but anyway…

My TV is one of the 30” HDTV monitors. It was cheaper at the time and the box didn’t mention anything about it not being a true “HD” TV. In other words, it doesn’t support HD without a tuner. Regardless, though, it was cheap and it has a great picture.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have HDMI input, so when I upgraded from the old HD package from Dish Network to their HD/DVR service, the upgraded receiver I got only had component output and HDMI output.

Big deal, right? Surely I can deal with component.

Except that my Xbox 360 takes up one of my component inputs and my Wii SHOULD take up the other component input. I’m out of component inputs.

I did what any other self-respecting geek would do and headed over to monoprice.com, which is by far the best place to get cables or adapters… period. I ordered an HDMI to DVI converter a few days after ordering my Wii component cables. The Wii cables came first, so my 360 was unhooked for a few days while I could enjoy some 480p Wii goodness (it does look better than the 480i with the prepackaged composite cables by the way).

Today, my HDMI to DVI converter came.

And I goofed up.

I ordered the DVI (male) to HDMI (female) converter.

Not the DVI (female) to HDMI (male) converter.

The plugs don’t work that way.


What’s even better is I didn’t realize this until I had already pulled the TV out, unhooked the satellite receiver from the component and rehooked the 360 component back in.

Moral of the story: double check your cables before you buy new cables.