Vista Fun!

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Vista Fun!


Windows Vista has been released for public consumption! That makes it sound like Vista is some sort of sandwich or something…

I thought that the official release date was going to be tomorrow (1/30), but you can download the Ultimate Extras now. So far, the BitLocker stuff and the Hold ‘Em game are out there. In other news, you can get the 1.5 version of Windows OneCare, which supports Vista. It’s not even beta!

Now all I need is the full release of PowerShell for Vista and I’ll be set (check, PowerShell for Vista has been released)!

(and the update for Visual Studio 2005 to run on Vista)

(and updated drivers/software for my HP printer)

(and updated drivers/software for my Logitech MX1000 mouse (check!))

(and updated drivers/software for my Logitech 880 remote)

(and a pony)