Why Visual Basic annoys me

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Why Visual Basic annoys me


Visual Basic annoys me because of the way arrays are initialized.

What’s the semantic difference between the two lines of code below?


int[] test = new int[10];


Dim test(10) As Integer

Here’s a hint - one array has ten items and one does not. The VB.NET array has eleven elements. When you declare an array in VB.NET, you’re specifying the upper bounds of the array instead of the length. This drives me insane. We regularly go between C# and VB.NET and I am constantly bit by this one.

I was talking with a guy at work today and we discussed how we’d like to have another option setting (in addition to Option Strict and Option Explicit) available for VB.NET:

Option OperateLikeAllOtherLanguages = True

This setting would allow VB.NET to initialize arrays like all other languages.

NOTE: This post is satire. I still like to program in VB.NET and C#. I do not want to get into which language is better. Both languages have their virtues. Learn them both. Then go learn Ruby.