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Find in files with PowerShell


I haven't posted anything on PowerShell in a while so here's something that's useful.

Get-ChildItem -Recurse -Include *.* | Select-String "text to search for"

Or, if you like things a little more abbreviated, try this:

dir -r -i *.* | Select-String "text to search for"

Select-String is a cmdlet that will search files or strings, sort of like grep in Unix or findstr in cmd.exe. If you use the Get-ChildItem cmdlet, you can specify the -Recurse switch to retrieve subdirectories and the -Include switch will only include the file types that you specify. Then you can pipe it over to Select-String.

Pretty nifty if you're wanting to do some quick file searches.

Check out chapter 1 from PowerShell in Action. It gives a good overview on file manipulation from PowerShell and also introduced me to using the Get-ChildItem command and piping the output to Select-String.

Before I began using PowerShell, I had been using a small cmd file called ff.cmd that used the following:

findstr /p /s /i /c:%1 %2

Then I could type things like:

ff "text to search for" .\*.*

But PowerShell is so much cooler now :-)