Some news about ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas) and Full Trust

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Some news about ASP.NET AJAX (Atlas) and Full Trust


I guess this is really more of a link regarding ASP.NET AJAX and Full Trust.

Ken Cox points out that the new AJAX extensions install themselves into the GAC instead of a Bin subdirectory. I hadn’t really thought about this until he notes how this affects those of us (me included) who have shared web hosting.

I’ve been putting a picture slideshow together for my sister’s wedding and I’ve spent the past couple of nights working on a nice, AJAX-y website that would allow her to pick her own captions for the pictures and customize the slides without me having to email a huge PowerPoint file to her. It sounds like I’ll have to look at another option for the time being, though, because I doubt I’ll be able to convince my web host to install beta software to the GAC.


What fun it is being a beta junkie.