Trackback Spam Deluge!

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Trackback Spam Deluge!


I finally had to disable trackbacks on my blog. Even with some of the antispam features of dasBlog, I was still getting hit like crazy. Just today, I got about 150 spam trackbacks to 3 or 4 of my posts. And I’m even running version 1.9.6264.0! I did notice this post about an HttpModule that will block trackbacks based on regular expression patterns. I was curious if anyone else had used this or another method to effectively fight (or even prevent) trackback spam. Or maybe I’m just missing an updated blacklist for my configuration.

Help anyone?

UPDATE: Thanks to a post from Tim Rayburn (and a comment directing me there!), it looks like the newest nightly build of dasBlog supports Akismet — and Akismet apparently also supports better Trackback spam blocking! Looks like I might be dogfooding the latest build of dasBlog soon!