SlickRun news from the SlickRun forums!

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SlickRun news from the SlickRun forums!


I was catching up on some older blog posts from different people recently and I came across some posts talking about how wonderful SlickRun is. Everyone is right, by the way, because SlickRun is amazing. It was probably the main program that moved me from being primarily a mouse user to a keyboard user. I still love how fast I can get around by taking my hand off the mouse and keeping them on the keyboard!

Anyway, I’m a beta junkie and I love finding out about new releases of software. I’d been looking for news on SlickRun for a while, but hadn’t seen anything so I thought I would check out the SlickRun forums. I ended up finding this post where Eric notes that, because he is actually working on Windows Vista, the alphas for SlickRun probably won’t show up until after the RTM for Vista.

Though I don’t think a forum post carries nearly as much weight as a blog post on release announcements, I still have to say that I can’t wait to see what Eric is working on for the new version. I’m looking forward to more from SlickRun!