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Source Outliner


Recently, Microsoft released version 3.0 of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK, so I thought I’d download it because I like downloading stuff.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a nifty tool that came along with it under the Visual Studio SDK Power Toys name (not to be confused with the Power Toys for Visual Studio… I’m confused, too). Here’s a screenshot of Source Outliner:

Source Outliner

It acts sort of like the Class View tool window, except that it outlines the currently opened file. It also seems a lot cleaner if you happen to be deep in a namespace hierarchy. Once you have the VS2005 SDK installed, you can access this tool either by selecting Tools -> Power Toys -> Source Outliner or by using the CTRL + \ + O hotkey.

Check it out!

UPDATE: I… uhh… added the link to the download. My mistake on forgetting that :-)

Another update: Don’t bother downloading the entire SDK if you’re just interested in the Visual Studio SDK Power Toys… you can download them standalone! Check out Aaron Marten’s post here!