Local lightning show makes the news in the UK?

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Local lightning show makes the news in the UK?


Last night, Cara and I were driving back from church during a thunderstorm. The entire time, I kept wishing that I had my digital camera with me, because the lightning was amazing! The storm was almost past just as the sun was going down, so the entire sky was almost golden in color. There was also a full rainbow all the way across the sky. While all of this was going on, the lightning was filling the sky, shooting from cloud to cloud. (side note - I’m not a writer, so if my descriptive writing skills are lacking, I apologize)

Well, today at work, I notice a post on digg about “incredible pictures” and “the moment lightning shared the sky with a rainbow.” Hmm… that’s interesting. But surely it couldn’t be Fort Smith, Arkansas, now could it? But it is! Check out the digg post here.

The actual website with pictures is here at Daily Mail. The craziest part of all is that this Daily Mail site is apparently a British site! Be sure to check out the pictures.