Why aren't you subscribed to the PowerShell blog?

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Why aren't you subscribed to the PowerShell blog?


I don’t like repeating myself, but I need to again: if you’re not subscribed to the PowerShell blog, then why in the world not?!? The PowerShell team has been on top of it lately providing some GREAT one-liner PowerShell scripts such as listing all of the sub-directories from the current directory or, as in the case today, listing all of the PROGIDs that you can use to instantiate your own COM objects from PowerShell script.

Sure, the scripts are fairly simple and are clearly obvious once you see them, but it displays the power right at your fingertips that PowerShell gives you. Currently, I’m not using it for any projects. I’m just using it as a productivity tool! The parsing you can do with directories and files is great and you can very quickly leverage your knowledge of .NET in the process.