Rant on Adobe...

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Rant on Adobe...


I’ll apologize ahead of time… one of the features that I am (or was?) looking most forward to in Office 2007 is the ability to save as PDF. Will I ever use it? I have no idea, but I’ve really wanted to be able to do that for a long time. And then Adobe goes and messes the whole thing up. How in the world can they truthfully justify letting everyone else (Apple, OpenOffice, etc) have this feature, but Microsoft can’t?!? Give me a break! If they didn’t want companies putting this feature in, they never should have opened the format in the first place! Via this digg post, I came across this article from the Washington Post. The article states it best:

Then there’s the thought that Adobe’s Acrobat, at $299, will compete poorly with any free save-as-PDF option. But Adobe had to have foreseen that possibility when it issued a blanket invitation to the world to write PDF-compatible software. As its own documentation reads, “Adobe gives anyone copyright permission, subject to the conditions stated below, to … Write drivers and applications that produce output represented in the Portable Document Format.”


By the way, totally unrelated to this entire post, if you haven’t checked out Foxit Reader, I would highly recommend it. :)