Skipping graduation...

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Skipping graduation...


In just over 24 hours, I will be skipping my grad school graduation. For those who didn’t know, I’ve been working on my MBA for the past two years. My employer was willing to pay half the cost of tuition, so I couldn’t really turn it down, though I probably would’ve preferred a more technical degree (I’m a computer nerd).

I didn’t really want to wait for hours on end just to hear my name mispronounced. I know Cara didn’t want to wait. My parents didn’t want to wait - my mom had already told me that she would rather just come visit me than sit in a crowded stadium or gym while thousands of other names were yelled out. Maybe if I had more of an attachment to the U of A (like I did with Harding), it’d be different, but I’ve been a parttime student. Most of my classes weren’t even on campus. I honestly just want to get my degree and have free nights again.

The final reason - I’ve still got 9 hours to go this summer so I’d rather wait until I’m really done :)