A Hard Copy of the Internet...

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A Hard Copy of the Internet...


According to Gadgetopia, a nine-year old in North Dakota made a bet with his older brother that he could print the entire Internet.

You know, if the story stopped there, it might just be a cute story about childhood innocence or something like that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. The bet is for $50 and he has 6 months to do it. It gets better. His hometown is HELPING him. They apparently have no idea just how big the Internet is.

As the post says,

At one time, Google claimed to have 8 billion pages in its index. This kid is printing eight pages to a sheet of paper, but he still has to print one billion sheets of paper.

Let’s hope the environmentalists don’t get their hands on this. This kid is going to need a few rainforests to get all the paper he’ll need. On top of that, there is a whole lot of stuff on the Internet that is completely inappropriate for a nine-year old (much less a 25-year old like myself).

Maybe if his brother is nice, he can get a deadline.