My thoughts on the Live.com search engine

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My thoughts on the Live.com search engine


Live.com received a makeover recently, and their search engine has been revamped. I’ve played around with Live.com before, but never really used it. The changes they’ve made are definitely an improvement, but after adding a few of my own feeds to it, I’m still seeing some unexpected behavior such as sections overlapping each other. I’m using the IE7 beta 2 preview.

The search engine has some pretty nice features, like smart scrolling, which allows you to scroll all of the results instead of having to go between pages. It is interesting at the very least. A cool idea is the ability to search within pages directly from the search results page. It is worth having a look. I did run into a few issues with it such as getting some permission denied JavaScript errors after a couple of searches.

I would consider using it more after some of the edges are cleaned up.

UPDATE: I tried the search feature again… it is really pretty cool. I haven’t used it enough to get a feel for how accurate the search results are, but I really do like the way it handles scrolling. We’ll see how continued usage goes.