If GUI is pronounced "gooey", is YUI pronounced "yooey"?

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If GUI is pronounced "gooey", is YUI pronounced "yooey"?


For those two or three who missed it, Yahoo! released two libraries yesterday: the Yahoo! Design Patterns Library and the Yahoo! User Interface Library. I particularly like the UI library. First of all, it was released under as open source, so as long as you include the copyright at the top, it looks like you can use it. I checked out their JavaScript code and it looks pretty good. It seems that the whole object { name : value }* notation of declaring objects is becoming more popular. It is also becoming much more common to see entire frameworks being developed (I’m thinking of the JavaScript libraries that come with Atlas). Anyway, interesting stuff. It will be a lot easier to add some nice, production quality JavaScript to pages now.

* Instead of:

var newObject = new (function () {
  this.name = value

It is:

var newObject = {
  name: value;