david mohundro

Brief History of (.NET) Threading

July 11th 2015

I just wrapped up my CodeStock presentation on a Brief History of (.NET) Threading. I attempted to cover the last 10 years of threading in .NET starting from .NET 1.0 all the way to today. So, think Thread, BackgroundWorker, ThreadPool, IAsyncResult moving forward to Task and async/await

Finding Text in Files Revisited

October 4th 2014

If your career is anything like mine, you've dealt with a wide array of various code bases across multiple technologies. Some web, some client, etc. With varying technologies, the tools change, the languages change, everything changes…

Exploring Swift with SWXMLHash

July 21st 2014

Over the last month or so, I've been playing around with Swift, the new language that Apple unveiled at WWDC this year. Thus far, I've really enjoyed it. To get started with learning it, I thought I'd convert one of our iOS applications at work over to Swift from Objective-C. I'm only doing it in my spare time, so it might never get published, but I've learned a lot since starting…

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