david mohundro

Exploring Swift with SWXMLHash

July 21st 2014

Over the last month or so, I’ve been playing around with Swift, the new language that Apple unveiled at WWDC this year. Thus far, I’ve really enjoyed it. To get started with learning it, I thought I’d convert one of our iOS applications at work over to Swift from Objective-C. I’m only doing it in my spare time, so it might never get published, but I’ve learned a lot since starting…

Digging into the ASP.NET vNext Environment

May 29th 2014

DISCLAIMER: I’m still digging and learning about the new .NET bits… this blog post is just what I’ve learned on my own thus far. If I say something incorrect, let me know. I’m just a frozen caveman after all..…

Adoption and My Second Daughter!

April 1st 2014

Last year at DevLink, I can clearly recall sitting in a session about Durandal and John Papa’s Hot Towel VS template. My friend Michael Johnson was speaking. I was sitting two or three rows from the back because the room had filled up pretty quickly…

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