• Notes on the BrowsableAttribute

    When you’re creating a GUI control in Visual Studio, your public properties will be displayed in the Property Grid and you can customize this by using attributes such as the Category attribute or the DisplayName attribute. Another nice attribute to use sometimes is the Browsable attribute. If you set the Browsable attribute to false (i.e. <Browsable(False)> in VB.NET), it won’t be displayed in the property grid. I typically use this to hide properties that really have no function from the GUI side.

  • VS Properties Extender and Hawkeye

    Back in January, Gaston Milano posted a sort of wishlist for the next version of Visual Studio. One of the features he wanted was the ability to filter properties down in his Properties window. Here’s a screenshot of what he had in mind (from his posting):

  • Syntax Highlighter for Windows Live Writer

    Check out the Syntax Highlighter plugin for Windows Live Writer.

    ///A test for CreateGallery (string)
    [TestMethod(), ExpectedException(typeof(ArgumentNullException))]
    public void CreateGallery_TestNull()
        GalleryHelper target = new GalleryHelper();
  • Noisy working conditions

    Jeff Atwood just posted an excellent Programmer’s Bill of Rights, which suggests things such as providing at least two monitors for every programmer, providing a fast PC, etc. One thing in particular that he mentioned is that all programmers should have quiet working conditions, and I couldn’t agree more, because I sit near some of loudest people at work. Of course, we’re all in cubes, too, so it isn’t like I can shut the door. I hear more about someone’s daughter than I do about work, too. I ended up taking Jeff’s advice and dropping some money on some nice headphones that drown out some of the noise, but I think I would end up blowing my ear drums out before I’d drown out all of the noise. I recently moved cubes over to this new, loud area, but it wasn’t much better before - I used to sit next to the break room, so you can imagine what it was like there, too.

  • Infinities Loop - A great ASP.NET resource

    I wanted to put out a quick post to say thanks to Dave Reed and his Infinities Loop blog. He recently moved his blog from blogger.com to weblogs.asp.net, which is great for me, because blogs on blogger.com are blocked by my corporate proxy! He’s had some great content out there, particularly for those of us who haven’t really had a chance to TRULY understand ASP.NET. He has a couple of great “TRULY understanding” posts: one on ViewState and another on static vs. dynamic controls.

  • Designer class not being used by designer

    In one of my projects at work, I ran into a situation where Visual Studio 2005 didn’t recognize my designer files (i.e. MainForm.Designer.vb) so all of the serialized designer code was getting stuck in a new InitializeComponent in my code file (i.e. MainForm.vb). Of course, because my Designer code was a partial class, I got an error out of it. In my experience, this behavior is sort of obscure, but here is an easy fix.

  • Create a thumbnail or resize an image in .NET!

    (After yesterday’s post on getting metadata from images in .NET, I’ve decided to continue to post some of the information I find regarding working with images in .NET.) As I mentioned yesterday, I’m working on an application to export a folder of images over to a webpage or something (I haven’t decided on the output format, whether to a database, XML, or what). I’ve been learning quite a bit about .NET image support (primarily from GDI+) and it really provides a lot right out of the box. Today’s post is on resizing an image without losing too much quality in the process.

  • Getting the caption of an image programatically

    So, this is a little off-topic compared to some of the other posts I have done lately, but it was something new to me and I thought I’d share it for information… and as a means of helping me remember it later!

  • Creating a custom control that allows dropping controls on it at design time

    This post is just as much for me as it is to share…

  • Where have I been and what have I been up to?

    I’m sorry… I’ve been bad about posting lately. So bad in fact, that I’ve only posted once this month! But you know what? I’ve got a good excuse… I was in Alaska on vacation! So there!